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Forum member, Denon DJ staff and extremely helpful person all round, DenonDJNick made a amazingly useful reply in the middle of an on-going topic yesterday. Rather than let that very full reply and it’s helpful links get camouflaged amongst other posts, we’ve copied the main text onto this post, which will be pinned for all users to refer to.

Be especially mindful that there are two links in this text to some very useful and highly detailed pages of additional help - dont miss those.

Hi everyone, Nick here from the Denon DJ team!

First and foremost, it sounds that most issues appear to be when the MCX8000 is in use with Serato and not just Engine standalone (or at least not only Engine standalone), so I would stand to agree that system performance is largely at fault. I think we can all agree on that, right?

Whether it is the computer or the MCX8000 still needs to be determined, but I’m afraid that’s probably not going to happen here on a community forum. The variety of suggestions here that appear to resolve problems for some users and not others implies that this needs to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Not only so that we can help you fix whatever distortion and freezing is happening, but also to properly track and compare the issues. Pouring through and cataloging the variety of behavior and system reports here will not help our team reach any solid conclusion.

I want to make it clear that no one here is opposed to the possibility of stability improvements with our flagship product, but I have personally resolved some of these issues for myself and others with simple re-formatting drives, disk cleanup, etc. If you haven’t seen them already, which I’m sure most of you have (don’t want this to turn into a “have you tried…” song and dance) the guides below do help most of the users that call in to our support team reporting similar issues:

Denon DJ MCX8000 - Getting Rid of Freezing, Distortion, Dropouts and other Performance Issues

Denon DJ MCX8000 - Optimizing Performance and Improving Latency

Even if you’ve already reached out to our support team in the past, please PM me and we’ll have someone get in touch to take a closer look. Click on your account in the top right and select the envelope to send/receive private messages.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks guys!


ok posting this here as i don’t seem to be getting much support from denon, as we know the mcx8000 has some firmware problems and on asking denon when a firmware release to resolve these is going to be available, they can’t reply. it could be as i have seen with previous product, as soon as something new gets released, they stop working on the older products.

anyway i either have a hardware or firmware issue with my mcx, it is now getting embarrassing, i have dropped the screen brightness to 90% as suggested in other posts but it still does not cure the random screen freezes whilst using either vdj, serrato or engine via usb stick, it’s usually left screen but has been know on right screen too.

last gig i did mobile 2 weeks ago, i fired up the mcx and the screens froze on the mcx8000 start up display, so ended up having to work all night without the displays.

last night i set up for a wedding i’m doing tonight, fired up the mcx froze on start up screens again, unplugged everything except the mains and rebooted it and same again. 3rd & 4th times, i unplugged the mains in-between boots same issue, 5th boot up the right display actually worked, left side was frozen, finally 6th time of booting up both displays worked. there is either a serious issue with the firmware in this unit or the hardware is not upto spec and not fit for purpose (using for mobile disco work) it took me 6 startup attempts and 30mins to get it to work correctly last night these issues need to be addressed by denon. the mixer section was working fine all through this just the screens were a problem.

both screens freeze on the mcx8000 logo on startup, took me 6 attempts to get it to work without anything plugged into the unit. i’m running v1.5 firmware, will try a reset over the weekend but denon need to address these firmware/hardware issues.

Hi Kev-n. Thanks for your post and sorry to hear of the specific power up problem which you mention. Whilst there are many many users of the MCX out there, enjoying full use of the unit without issues, there are some users experiencing odd behaviour.

Your particular issue with regards to the logos freezing at power up and the unit needing several attempts to get past the logo screens on power (assuming that you’re leaving a few seconds between each Power button press) is quite unique to my mind - and I would certainly recommend that you get the unit sent in to be looked at.

When the unit is returned to you, take a look at the suggestions mentioned elsewhere in this particular thread, especially the link to the MCX8000 help pages on the main Denon DJ webpage, which has got far more suggestions than the “90% brightness” comment.


One common comment which seems to come up a lot with any midi based system issues is:

“Everything starts off fine but after a couple of hours …”

Here’s a link to a post in the General Section… it’s worth considering if “everything starts off fine but…” for you.