the song is blocked when loading

Hello friends. I am new to denon, I come from pioneer and the following never happened to me; Within half an hour of playing, I load a song and it gets blocked. the “load” button blinks and the channel does not respond for a few minutes. Someone happened the same to him? Greetings

Ok, I used to get similar with a external ssd I had bought. It would freeze the unit, then the load button would blink and then it would EVENTUALLY load. Similar?

What brand and model is your storage drive ?

Yes, similar. but in my case with pen drive 3.0

Is it a genuine good brand of usb pen drive? Is it a normal song, not a one hour mix ?

Is a normal pen drive The Song is a normal 3 or 5 minutes

If only “normal” covered all usb drives.

There are the good, branded ones , but some of those are cheap cloned ones, from online bidding sites. So Best Buy A branded usb drive from a reputable source, like a chain store or amazon online places or similar.

Plenty of fake cheap chips inside cloned usb drive cases.

Try using a friends stick if at all possible.

I’ll try another pen drive. Do you know if the temperature affects it? In a lower temperature environment, this blockage has not occurred.

Yes it could but only in real extremes . And the manual for most gear warns about not using gear in extremes