The mcx 8000 forgotten?

Hello I have reported several mcx 8000 bug and the last I have not even received a response, I have also requested some features (some simple to implement as the save the ready list in the usb memory) and no response. Perhaps the users of this driver were forgotten, this driver is still sold by denon even many of us bought it less than a year ago when we still did not know anything about prime4 (I understand the secrecy around this) I think that we bought this driver recently trusting in denon and its support for engine prime (which only has half) of the same should have a better attention, I understand that focus the updates prioritizing the latest products and these come out first but should not leave the other side and launch the respective updates even if some time later, I expected to have at least some news of this in the weeks following the updates of the prime series (of which the mcx8000 is somehow part) and still nothing, sorry if you have been working on this and I have been unfair but I think a little information would be welcome, excuse my English



hi @El_Corsario, I can assure you the MCX8000 is not forgotten! :slight_smile:

Let me respond to your post now


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My guess is that now the MCX is Engine Prime (more or less) compatible, it will sooner benefit from the EP upgrades than be left behind.

Thanks for replying, usually almost all my posts have been answered by you


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What can I say, I desperately need a life LOL

I do not expect 100% of all the features of the top-end prime devices but at least the engine prime works perfectly well with it, such as exporting the .m4a files (File Formats AAC (CBR / VBR, 44.1 kHz, stereo 64- 320 kbps)) that according to the specifications is compatible and that the reported bugs are resolved


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That and maybe hopefully improved search function. :crossed_fingers:

Notice how there is no mcx8000 feature request section on the new part of this forum? That tell’s you everything you need to know :wink:

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Given the fact that Denon DJ staff officially replied that there will be no features introduced in the future, just bug fixes, it is understandable why there is no MCX8000 sub-section in the “Feature request” section.

Very bad done by denon since I have the taste of mouth that gave him “prime support” at the last moment to clean up his image before taking prime 4 of which nothing was known until only a few months ago, how many customers who bought their mcx 8000 at the end of the year even with known bugs after the upgrade to 2.1 thinking that it was the time and everything would be better from now on will be disappointed, my idea was to go to a prime 4 the next year since my mcx 8000 was acquired in October 2018 after the update to 2.0 but with this news I’m seriously considering how the support of other brands behaves (I do not want to mention names) in time and if I get better impression could rethinking acquiring an alternative to prime4, I’m sure many will feel the same, there are simple features to implement such as being able to save the ready list in the usb memory (obviously I do not expect the same features as in prime 4) but it is easier to leave users who trust denon (despite the criticism on the internet)and their abandoned MCX8000, very sad the truth

Greetings and I hope you decided to change your mind

As I said in a previous post, although it is Denon DJ decision if and when to update features or fixing bugs of the MCX8000, my opinion is that they should continue to improve this piece of equipment, including it’s Stagelinq advertised capability and even to publish a service and repair manual, in order to make a whole product, functional and complete with all the features advertised for which the customers payed money. If there was an existing contract or an understanding between any customer and Denon DJ regarding the MCX8000, the customer could be eligible to ask for reparations, because, ultimately, Denon DJ fail to deliver a product free of bugs and with complete functionality. Denon DJ should finish the job of making the MCX8000 a complete product, a “game changer” (as they said), worthy of wearing Denon DJ brand.


I’m considering jumping on the Rekordbox bandwagon & getting the DDJ-1000 since Denon & Serato are only focused on the newer products & software.

Love the way its said… “Mcx8000 is not forgotten… But wont get any feature updates… Only bugfixes from here on…”

Mcx8000 hardware is not open for new features, we know it. We expect update for bug fixes.

Gotta say I’m disappointed. Really hoped a better search function for large libraries would be implemented. I don’t expect units to be improved forever but the 8000 is not very old and can still be purchased new. I have to think minor search improvements could be made if the powers that be wanted to make it happen. I find myself in unfamiliar territory, not liking a decision made by Denon concerning a product I own.

Anyone else hear that slapping this sound ?

It’s the sound of people flogging a dead horse. It’s 2019 and the mcx insides are not.

Denon DJ in their major “five everything we’ve got” firmware release and engine Prime “talk to the 8000” coding gave Clark Kent a nice blue outfit, nice red boots, a really really nice flowing red cape, and even a few helium ballloons for some lift. But at a third of the price of a 3 piece Prime rig and only about 70% of the price of a Prime 4 with all its 2019 circuits inside… the mcx simply cannot leap tall buildings or outfly a supersonic aircraft.

I’ll always admire the true grit of the individual who’ll try and squeeze the last drop of juice outta a dry fuel tank but the 8000 was designed and built to spec in around 2014. It does very very well for a single core processor beast but 5 years old in world terms makes the mcx practically middle-aged in terms of DJ equipment.

Keep them, sell them, use them but if you want more - Prime 4

Ummmmm nobody is asking to leap tall buildings and nobody is expecting 5000 performance out of a much cheaper device. Allowing library search by spinning the platter does not require advanced circuitry. It requires a little coding and the will to do It.


I will not buy a new Denon Dj device unless Mcx 8000 bug fixes are released. Nice device, but I don’t pay for Prime 4. I was going to buy a professional Prime Series setup. I’ve decided to delay because I’m a little angry.

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Mcx8000 owners deserve to get new function/feature improvements after all that we have had to put up with.

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You’re absolutely right. And that’s what denon did with that big big big update a few months back .