The lights! Help me dim them

Hi guys new user here, my mcx 8000 is now a week old and I’m loving it. One question that’s probably already been asked (If it has inapologise).

How do you dim the lights on the unit? Not the screens as I’ve figured out how to do that, but everything else. It’s like a Xmas tree at well, Xmas… Bit bright for me! Can it be done?


As far as I’m aware there currently is no option to change this.

Some users have been vocal about their dislike of the brightness levels of the Cue Buttons, in that there isn’t much difference between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ state. Quite a few users seem to be asking for this to be changed in a Firmware Upgrade, and at one point last year, it looked like that was going to be addressed. But so far, it hasn’t.

It might even be the case that it can’t be changed due to it being a Hardware not Firmware issue.


It was apparent that’s the case since several firmware updates did not adress it. People nowdays think everthing can be changed via firmware update…smh

Hi Dave,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunatey, it’s not possible to change the brightness of the buttons on the MCX8000. I’ll be happy to submit this to my team as a feature request for you, though.

You can, however, change the brightness of the screens.To do this, press and hold View/Utility/Column for 2 seconds.Then turn the Select/Load knob to select Display Brightness. Press the knob again to move over to the second column of the screen and adjust the brightness. You can press the View/Utility/Column button again to exit.

I changed the jog wheel light from the full circle to just a dot going around, that reduced the Xmas tree effect a bit.

Will be nice to know if there is any possible fix for the CUE Buttons Light. There is literally no difference between OFF/On

I have to use my headphones to check.