The Incredible Prime 4...saved me again

Though I have dabbled and Dj’ed for over 30 years, there are some things that I just don’t like to prepare for…and they’re the simplest things.

A friend owns a Daycare and throws an annual Christmas party for the kids and parents. For the last two years, I’ve been asked to do the music, which is a combination of Christmas, Kid music and adult music at the end.

I had a choice to prepare in advance as I do for normal parties or use the WI-Fi streaming and Tidal to provide the majority of music I wouldn’t have for this range of ages.

The Prime 4 logged in and performed flawlessly with ONE exception. For some reason deck one went into Jog mode or Non Vinyl mode and I couldn’t scratch or cue in the song while the deck was playing.

I just used all the other decks for that purpose and kept it moving…versatility of a True 4 channel standalone. I did upgrade to the latest 1.4 firmware and use stand alone.

Took requests and all thought I had an enormous library of music, which I do, but no need to bring it for this type of function when Tidal or other streaming is available.

The best equipment investment I’ve ever made or rather the most satisfying and convenient. The Denon SC3900’s have been a workhorse, paying back their investment many times over.

I’m definitely more confident in recommending this to other DJ friends, and that’s not even tapping 60% of other features it has, like being a true Serato controller.

Of course the Achilles heels is still the EP prep software, but once that problem is solved it’s lights out for most of the competition.

Kudos to Denon for coming out with such a capable piece of hardware with the foresight to have it endlessly updated in firmware and software !!!

Looking forward to the new pieces of the Denon Ecosystem and firmware updates.