The forum doesn’t work sometimes

Noticed in the past week or two many errors trying to access the forum such as 403, 502, server not online etc.

Did some one forget to put some credit on the electricity before the social distancing work - from home situation?

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I am wondering if it is a lack of oil :sweat_drops:

Or it could be the number of simultaneous users logging on at the same time, as everyone has more time to be online.

Or maybe the server that the forum uses needs checking, balancing, adjusting, daily incremental backups or just general attention everyday like a slowly filling bucket under a leaky roof, by an it person at denon who isn’t there at the office due to corona safety,

I am always logged in on my iPhone. I think this is a general network/server stress problem. I had multiple times an error 500 and 502 - bad gateway.