"The following peripherals did not come online" error is shown when turning on a Prime 4

I had this issue when the Prime 4 was first installed at work. I’d had it for a few weeks and then moved it where I started getting the mixer not being online and play/cue not working. I think it happened around 10 times but after a few weeks it has stopped and hasn’t been seen since.

I’m always keeping my eye out for it though but Denon DJ was great and referred me to a dealer if things persisted. Luckily I didn’t need that.

I did read and I think you will find that Denon Dj support are on the ball when it comes to dealing with this type of situation.

Clearly you didn’t if the first sentence says I opened a ticket and the first thing you asked was if I opened one. Still no response from Denon on this issue either. Meanwhile, I’ve worked with Sweetwater and they’ve done a great job trying to troubleshoot but concluded that Denon will have to fix this with a patch or exchange the unit if it’s a hardware issue. On the ball would have been solving the issue, creating a support link for it, and responding to these forums and the tickets with solutions, none of which have happened so far.


Any updates on this issue? I can replicate it reliably on my unit. I have removed all drives including SSD and the issue persists. I get about 5-10 minutes of play time before freeze and then peripherals wont load on boot. I have not received a response to my support ticket.

Please contact me privately about your open support ticket, @entrepe.

sono pienamente d’accordo

Same problem here can someone plz help me…

Just want to reply to update everyone here. If you have this issue you need to contact Denon support for a replacement unit while it’s still under warranty. This is a known hardware failure issue that happens to a small percent of units. This happened to me and I swapped units and no issues.

It’s a bit worrying especially since all the screen freeze issues on the MCX8000 and the black screen issues on the SC5000.

Dodgy circuit boards, poor assembly, not enough testing?

This shouldn’t be happening to another unit.

Maybe controllers are getting a bit too complex. The whole point of these were to be more reliable than a laptop. Hmmmmm.

The screen freeze issue on the 8000 was due to faulty memory ic’s. The ic’s that were used were made by Winbond - a reputable brand. Unfortunately when it come’s to mass production there is always a chance of getting a bad batch. The screen freeze issues only started after a period of time, so no quality control process would pick it up. There was no way of knowing which units had bad ram. Now if you look at the amount of people experiencing this P4 problem, compared to the amount of units sold, it’s only a few people, maybe 1% - if that much. Fortunately Denon are prepared to take responsibility and sort it out. Are controllers getting too complex? Well, If you look at the complexity of cellphones, no - not by a long shot!! No product can be manufactured to be 100% fault free. This type of thing happens to every electronic manufacturer in the world… Samsung, LG, Apple, etc etc… and yes even Pioneer.


I had this issue a few months back around 5 or 6 times and it cleared up. I’m keeping en eye on it as it’s not done it again but good to know they are swapping units. I got an extra years warranty with Gear4Music so two years is okay.

Same problem for me. Brand new unit – just got it today. Hoping to hear back from support with a plan to fix. :frowning:

Support? Just return to the reseller to get a new one!

I’ve reached out to them to see if they are able to swap a new unit for me. Hoping for the best in dealing with them. Definitely bummed that I have apparently received a lemon.

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I had a DOA SC5000, so it can happen.

If the reseller gives any trouble, I’m sure support will help.


Same here, in my prime 4 unit it says Mixer (01.29) Can search n load the songs but, Cue and Play button did not work both sides.

Sorry to hear of the trouble!

This is not expected behavior. Please visit the link below to contact our support team for further assistance.

Denon DJ Global Support

We apologize for the inconvenience but promise to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

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@JWiLL Hoy Dom, 29 Marzo 2020, se me acaba de congelar la prime 4, Actualice a 1.4.1 y luego de un rato no funciono mas. No sirve nada. Solo la pantalla, no puedo entrar al menu, no se que hacer. Entre a modo actualización con el botón de eject pero no lo reconoce el software de actualización, probe actualizar con pendrive y sd y tampoco reconoce.

Por favor necesito, ayuda urgente. Desde Santiago de Chile.

Me sucede lo mismo, no puedo actualizar, no puedo hacer nada. no se que hacer.

Hi @vdiazg - Sorry to hear of the trouble. It seems the internal firmware components did not load correctly. Are you able to send the firmware update again from your computer?

Power on the PRIME 4 while holding down the eject button and run the desktop updater.

You could also try installing an earlier version (pre 1.4) to see if that helps. You can download earlier versions here: https://www.denondj.com/downloads-archives#prime4/

If you still see the message, you will need to contact our support team for further assistance.

Denon DJ Global Support