The ability to use the search function in any folder on the fly folders

Hi guys. Im not sure if missing something ( or just doing it wrong ) but i can’t seem to search an individual folder, when looking for key or bpm matching music. it brings up all the tracks on that device, of which alot is not what im looking for.

As a mobile dj i want to quickly search a folder. If get a request for some garage music for example, i want to search my folder for appropriate tracks that are key and bpm matched that i can mix. i suppose i could use another source with that kind of music pre prepared on it ( through engine prime ) but i like to take just a hard drive with all types of music on it. Any thoughts?

Hi @givemeabreak, thanks for posting. When using the search function on PRIME 4, it will always search your entire library rather than a specific playlist/crate. We understand your need for that type of functionality, and there is a Feature Request thread that you can read up on and ‘like’ to increase visibility on this specific request! Check out our Denon DJ Forum Feature Request Section to see if the topic has been created, and if it hasn’t please submit!