Thank you for vertical wave forms & album art!

I LOVE the vertical wave forms!!! I LOVE the album art in the platter!!! I guess I’m a pea-brain because no matter what I have tried to keep 4 decks going in a show I always, ALWAYS get my wires crossed and goof up. I totally gave up on 4 decks and stuck to 2. (Using Serato & Rekordbox on a DDJ SR controller) And the Album art…when tune selecting vinyl I’ve always relied on the album art. That’s a habit I’ll always default to. (Yup, I’m on of those that never looked at Playboy for the articles lol) I can now have a track going with three on deck…life is good.

THANK YOU DENON!! I mean all four wave forms are even aligned right on top of their perspective channels on the mixer, how cool is that??

Can’t knock all you other DJs going on about the horizontal thing, apparently I’m in the minority here. Glad you got what you voted for. Me? I’ll stick with my vertical wave forms thank you very much. Maybe when I become as smart as you others I’ll be able to use my logo in there but I’m loving the album art to help me keep things straight!