Temporary cue becomes saved to track

  • Product: Prime 4

  • Beta Version: 1.4 Beta 2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Set a temporary cue somewhere in the track. Load another track then go back to the track that the temporary cue was set. The track loads from this point.

  • Expected Result: It would be expected to not be a permanent cue but to load from the very beginning.

  • Actual Result: The track loads from the previously set cue point.

  • Reproducibility: 100% reproducibility.

  • Additional Notes: This could be the reason some have stated their tracks load at the end instead of the beginning. They have previously hit the temp cue while the track has been stopped and it now remembers this.

  • Link to Video Repro: https://youtu.be/ScDHNlqNpYY