Tempo Reset?

Will this feature be re-added anytime soon for the SC5000 or 6000? Its a basic thing (change tempo back to default without moving the slider)?

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I don’t think so. It’s now for resetting the key. If you want to put the tempo back at zero, put the slider in the center. Simple. It was a dumb feature in the first place.

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It’s not a dumb feature, and the fact the the Pioneer CDJs have a dedicated button for it would suggest it to be of some use (but i dont want the Nexus’s). It also does away with the warped sound when you suddenly have to jump from 110bpm to 128 during a transition with the slider, its instant so a lot cleaner.

My CDJ-900s don’t have it. I don’t miss it. Key reset is absolutely necessary since it’s otherwise impossible to do in one step… toggling keylock or going through multiple intermediate keys to get to the original. You can still get pitch to zero slightly more slowly than before. I would also guess that 99% of Prime users never even used that when it was still present in the firmware. I suppose InMusic could make Reset optionally key or pitch/tempo, though, in Utility/Preferences.

Hi @jambo - If you’d like to have this ability, please create a new topic in the Feature Request area.

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I don’t get what quartz lock on a digital deck has to do with relative pitch tempo…

I misread the original post but I’ve since amended.

I guess you can lock this thread. Here it is…

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Cheers. Logged it the other day. Its basically a feature that you see on the Pioneer DDJ Nexus etc (Tempo Reset right next to the slider)

I use it a lot for example with 2 songs mixing at 115bpm (song coming in is 128 slowed down) and on the drop just hit the switch to bring the current song back to 128 without nudging the slider back. Just makes things much cleaner and instant.


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