Tempo Reset Vs. Key Lock

I’m curious, which button do you use more frequently

  • Key Lock
  • Tempo Reset

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Personally I use tempo reset 10/15 times a night for quick tempo transitions but I never pitch play or adjust Key since the lock is so so impressive on these machines.

Curious to see what the general majority use more as having Tempo reset on a shift function is a mild annoyance.

I rarely touch both, although I find myself resetting even less than turning key lock on and off. I’m usually not an abrupt change in tempo guy - especially within a same song. I’d be curious to see how you use this for a a transition though. Maybe I can learn a thing or too :slight_smile:

Most obvious example I can think of is going from 154BPM to 146.

I play alot of Chart so BPM changes is something I deal with on a regular basis. Towards the end of my nights my dancefloor isn’t too concerned with great transitions they just want banging tunes. Cue -> The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger. This song has a really abrupt finish where it cuts out after a really high energy chorus. Next song has to hit big… Cue -> Macklemore - Can’t Hold Us.

So you can match the beats of Can’t hold us up to 154BPM and mix the bass-line. However its still too fast to let the song play at 154BPM and sounds much better to reset the tempo to 146 on the 1 - dropping macklemore into the 16th beat of the song.

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Got it. Had to look up the first song but I get exactly what you mean now. :slight_smile: