Tap tempo not averaging & ugly solution

If you’re really struggling to find a tempo, you may have noticed the tap button is a very bad option, as it just gives loads of random results per each click. Here is a workaround, it’s ugly, but if you really are struggling to get the tempo of a track (such as those with syncopated rhythms, or if they jump between time signatures), you may want to try this as a last resort. There isn’t really a better way, and it should really be written into the software, but sadly it isn’t at this point in time.

I noticed the tap tempo only monitors the difference per each individual beat, rather than averaging the total clicks, this gives a very innacurate result as you may see each click in a sequence give results such as 130, 124, 141, 133, etc… For a more refined result, you can calculate the number of clicks (4 in this case), add each of the results together: 130+124+141+133 =528, then divide 528 by the 4 taps to give a more accurate average of 132BPM. If you click 8 times, do the same, adding all 8 numbers together, then dividing by 8.

If you count the decimal places, it’s likely you’ll get something like 131.721 Round your result to the integer (ie. 132), as the tempo of virtually every track produced in the last 20 years is made on a computer workstation with highly accurate timing, and the BPM is measured in integers, not fractional.

This workaround is a bit of a hassle, and you’d probably want to video the results on your phone if you want to accurately memorise each click result. Hopefully Denon will introduce averaging into the tap tempo feature in a future update.

Also, is there a beta/developers forum for the Engine software?