Tap bpm manually on the SC5000


I didnt seem to find this question otherwhere, so maybe I’m just blind :laughing: Some of my files have a bad beatgrid/ wrong BPM after the analyze in Engine Prime, and I would like to correct this on the fly (on the SC5000). I can move the beatgrid, but not change the bpm??? Is that correct or is there some super sneaky way to do so?

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I’m not aware of any way to tap/manually adjust incorrect BPM on the player.


Should be implemented!! Or a way to reanalyse on the player, like it analyses unanalysed tracks?


A manual tap suggestion is with the dev team.

Options could be to tap-to-the-beat using one of the following (maybe) :

  • Shift
  • Parameter Left
  • Parameter Right
  • Slip

(but not re-analyse, as the player would only come up with the same BPM on subsequent in-built analysis)


I vote slip button. (when in gridedit mode)


Isnt it possible to set the analysis bpm on the player menu so you can actually reanalyse? Although a manual tap in would be just as handy!

I would actually rather have it so that 1 of the pads lit up… more resistant for hard pressure I guess.

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For practical reasons, a manual tap/bpm tapper button would need to be on a button that never has any control over playback.

If a song already had 8 hot cue buttons in use, and one of those hot cues was tapped in time to the beat to find out the BPM, the tracks playback location would change.

This is why, “Shift”, “Parameter Left”/“Parameter Right” and “Vinyl” were likely candidates.

I would like to see manual BPM entry added to the player when in grid edit mode.

So many drum & bass tracks get wrongly analysed as triplets and end up with BPMs of 116-118. It’s very tedious in the Engine Prime software to go through each and change it. Would be better if it could be done on the player when a track is loaded.


I’m waiting on a better way to edit wrongly detected BPM. It’s easy to half or double some BPM. But the harder ones are the ones that are not half or double the computed BPM.

How do you guys do it? Especially if you use Engine Prime solely without having Serato/Traktor/Virtual DJ as reference.

It’s not as if those other software get the BPMs right all the time but it’s very easy to adjust BPM on those by reducing or expanding the space between beat markers.

I have about 60k tracks and I don’t write BPM or Key in the comments or track name.

As a workaround Is there a program I can use to do this in batch? Thanks

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Then I think it should be the parametre button. Same build as the pads.

At the moment I’m doing it manually, usually I’m changing from the range 115-118 to 172-176, so I can use some trial and error until the beat grids line up. If I get stuck I usually look at Juno Download (where I buy 99% of my tracks) to see what BPM they have for the track.

I would like to be able to select a bunch of tracks and do a batch edit of BPM - that would really speed things up.

I only have 2500 tunes in my library though, only recently moved over from vinyl!

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A firmware and Engine Prime release is expected for release shortly, which will make BPM detection on that one particular music genre more accurate.


New firmware for SC5000 soon too or just Engine Prime ? :slight_smile:

Why don’t use the first 4 tabs 1, 2, 3, 4 beats after pree and hoald the Select/Load knob? And in Engine Prime a tool to select parts of the song you can change the BPMs?

I mean the 4 first Performance Pads, for the tab 1, 2, 3, 4. And if you keep ti pressed you can adjst with the Jog wheel the exact position?

Has there be any update on the manual BPM option ?

Really hope that this will get fixed with the next update… Its a year ago I postet this… :pensive:


This thread appeared in my ‘new’ posts list and I started reading from the top…I got super excited as I read through it…until I realised how old it was. Oh well. I feel your pain @Engell

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Thanks @mattpositive My guess is some time between now and eternity. And yes… There is sarcasm in that statement…find it kinda incredible that such a basic thing havent been adressed yet.