TAP all over the place -unusable


Anyone else notice that the TAP feature is almost useless? I used tap a lot in the past with competitor’s mixers and by the 4th-10th tap, I would always land at a BPM steadily. Even if it was a hard track to tap to, i would at least land within the right whole number and be a few decimal places off.

On the X1800, I have not been able to do this, the BPM jumps dramatically to the point where i find it unusable.

FWIW, I find the tap function in the Engine Prime software to be as bad as the mixer.

Can we please address this in future releases for both the mixer and the software?



Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this onto the development team. Just to be sure, are you on the latest firmware for the mixer and latest software for Engine Prime?


Thank you so much. And yes, I had ensured I am on the latest updates on Mixer, Engine Prime software, and SC5ks (although they don’t really factor in on the tab feature).

UPDATE: Spent a few hours last night playing around and feel very confident that the TAP feature on the mixer and the engine prime software could use benefit a second look at by the dev team. Just mention this to reassure the dev team that I actually put in the time testing and not basing this on a quick exploration.


Hey @Shain,

Thanks for your feedback! We are currently working on some improvements to manual tempo mode for the next update. I’ll have our test team take a closer look at TAP and see if there are improvements that should be made as part of current work.

I am curious why do you use TAP tempo with SC5000? As you know, SC5000 and X1800 offers 1:1 BPM syncing between the player and the FX module when Engine Connect active (ethernet connection between player mixer).

  1. Engine Prime bpm algorithm. BPM on the players could be wrong.
  2. He could be using his X1800 with CDJs or Turntables
  3. Tapping and echoing out for a BPM change…you can be playing track 1 with 130bpm and tap it at 100bpm …echo that out to bring in a 100bpm track


Hi @JWiLL,

I do in deed use 2 SC5000s with the X1800. I use the tap button because on some tracks that are 6/8 beats mainly (but not always), Engine Prime has set the wrong BPM. To get around this, I analyze the song in TP3 and use that figure in EP. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for taking this to the test team.

Cheers, Shain


Got it! I think you will like the new mode we are working on :slight_smile:


All makes sense. Thanks @mufasa!


Link to a Alpha/Beta or we don’t believe ya :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: