Tagging the year of a track automaticly

theres loads of free and cheap tagging programmes available but Im looking for something that might be odd.

Im finding that a lot of my older somgs are getting tagged in the YEAR wrong.

If i get a new download or a new cd of some songs from a long time ago, like best hits of a band from the 1990s the YEAR tag often gets filled in with 2016 or 2017 not 1991, 1992 or whenever those greatest songs were really made.

without me stting there bored stiff and looking up each song on bing/google and over typing the year tag does anyone know of a tagging programme or other music softwares wthat changes the tags or maybe just checks tags and says weather the tag is right or wrong as i dont mind editing a short list of wrong tags.

Maybe this software is helpful for you



I use Musicbrainz to do this. It’s helpful with all those missing tags but I use this before I add the albums to my library.