Syncing Library - Database on internal hdd in p4

what are the actual correct steps to update / sync tracks that are on an internal hdd of p4

ive updated track in engine prime, cleaned up tage, names, ratings etc and want that updated on tracks that are already on the p4

if thats not easy, whats the best way to wipe whats n the p4 and start again?

it doesnt seem that user friendly, i wish denon would realize that we are users and not denon software programmers

at least put out a doc or video to show these steps

  • Connect Prime4 to MB

  • Controller mode

  • I use disk utility on MacOs to wipe the 6000M internal SSD.

  • Then sync manager

k thanks for that

Have you seen these: Engine PRIME - Library Management Software

Or: Engine OS

no i didnt but thanks for that

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