Synchronyzing external hdd with prime failed at 300 gb

Hi. I’m using MCX-8000 with ENGINE PRIME 1.3.1 now. The problem still the same than with 1.2.2 version : I can’t synchronized more than 300GB on EXTERNAL HDD. Why this please because I’m on my way to buy PRIME 4 with internal HDD using. But if downloading on HDD is not possible more than 300GB, how can I work correctly ??? Please answer , I can’t work correctly !!!

Hey @Thedef1967, I’ve passed this on to the team to get some advice.

It may also be worth contacting support direct to discuss over the phone (

Hi @Thedef1967 could you please give a step by step breakdown of what you are doing and a screen shot of the error message? the more information the better - thank you!

Done. I’m waiting for call phone now.


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