Sync USB Stick with Engine Prime

I´m missing a sync option for a usb stick (maybe incl iTunes Sync) I can only copy a crate but not sync. I found a Thread from March 2017. now we have april 2018. This is a basic feature if you ask me!!


Yes, a Synchronisation Feature would be great.

That’s what I’m looking for. Just had the Idea to build some kind of workarround for Mac. The Idea: Virtual USB Stick Image and store this in the Icloud Drive. So you can mount on different Macs Creating all Crates/Playlists etc only on this Drive Copy Virtual Drive to Real Drive on Finder level. Problem, all kinds of DMG/CDR/ISO doesn’t show up in EnginePrime. So if somebody nows a working emulator for USB Stick?

Has anybody made any progress with this issue.