Sync/Update Crates + Files - Deleting Crates / Files on external Device

I have several crates of music in Engine Prime. If I delete Crates / Files or move and copy these Crates with Sub-Crades on an external drive (HDD, USB stick etc), where they already exist, then new Crates and Files are created / copied, but Crates, Sub -Crates and files that I deleted in Engine-Prime will not be deleted. I have to delete the crade / files myself on the external drive!

Especially in connection with the Prime 4 it would be important for me that I can create my crades / playlists, etc. in EnginePrime and then sync with the Prime4. Crates that I delete in EnginePrime should also be deleted on the Prime 4.

Will there be sync functions in the future?

I hope I have made myself clear …?

The same thing happens to me, completely according to @MaxMad

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There’s alot that needs fixing in engine prime :frowning: