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Apologies if already raised on here. If I sync two tracks together but say change my mind and want to do it on the fly. How can I easily come out of sync? I move the pitch controls up and down but I can’t get it to revert to normal speed unless I go right to the top and then back again making the song I’m playing live ridiculous? I’ve come from virtual DJ where you just uncheck sync and the pitch faders can be used as normal. Also they have a button which gradually brings the track back to normal speed. Thanks

Press SHIFT + SYNC to Switch off sync


If you want to get out of SYNC quickly, you can move the JOG knob while the song is playing (or maybe even if it’s not in play, but I don’t remember).

Nope, it is not the way it works.

@NoiseRiser I know that to disable SYNC it is better to use the method you say (SHIFT + SYNC). :+1:

But I indicated another way that avoids having to press two buttons at the same time (if you don’t want to change the options in the preferences). Sometimes I want to touch up the synchronism between the two tracks and just rotate the JOG a little to release the SYNC and change the alignment of the two grids of the two decks.

Is there an issue with pressing two buttons at the same time ?

SYNC and SHIFT are in two opposite positions on the deck, so or use two hands or use the thumb and little finger of one hand to press them together. If you need to turn off the SYNC on the fly while you’re mixing and you have one hand engaged on the mixer controls (faders, effects, etc.), you only have one hand available to release the SYNC, so you have to use your thumb and the little finger of a hand: I find it uncomfortable.

But if you go into the settings of the P4, you can also change the setting and decide to turn off the SYNC with a single press of the SYNC button (i.e. without using SHIFT), but sometimes it is dangerous. You decide.

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