Sync to USB resync whole stick?

Hello! I’m having a issue with sync manager: Apparently it Resyncs the whole stick, not only the added tracks:

  • Running Windows 10;
  • Latest 1.4 Beta “Sync Manager”
  • Started fresh, formated stick, then added some playlists using the latest sync manager (about 1200 wav tracks)
  • If I add some files to playlists (on computer) then sync it to the usb stick, apparently it resync the whole drive ( taking up to 2 hours for a 1200 wav tracks).

Is it normal? Would not be more logical to only sync the new added tracks?


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KDonaldsson told me that if I only wanted to add few tracks, a album or so to the USB, then the manual process would be the right choice, as it is faster.

For me (imo) given the amount of tracks I have, and being a open format dj that brings all my music, the “Sync Manager” is a useless add-on at this time.

I tried to do a full sync once, and after 42 hours or so, it had only reached halfway.

But I´m confident that it will improve over time!

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Thanks for your reply Engell! While it’s not a big “problem” for me, it would be really nice to sync only the added tracks, or to have the options to “only add” and “add and check whole drive”. Playing progressive house and melodic techno, I don’t have to deal with massive collections, but manually adding tracks to both drives takes double the time :joy:

Some of us has suggested a workflow like this… or similar:

  • Green tick (1 click) - Sync/ update this folder
  • Red Cross (2 clicks) - delete this folder.
  • no marking (3 clicks) - Make no change - Crate / playlist will not be synced and will not be deleted. (and therefor the computer should not use ressources on going through this crate/ playlist)

I actually finds it WAY faster to add tracks manually, even if its 200 new tracks in 10 different genres in 10 different Crates. But I have like 350 or so Crates at the moment :joy:

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@KDonaldson FYI (and maybe also move to Engine Prime public beta section)


Cool, thanks for your reply, now I know that’s the way the software is designed. Will keep my old workflow for now and use sync when creating new sticks. Thanks!!!

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