Sync snap on prime 4

Apologies for all the dumb questions

Sync will snap to the other track to align beats in serato when playing and sync engaged, is this something we can’t do in prime? It’ll match bpms but can’t seem to get it to lock together, I’m predicting it’s a setting I’ve just not quite found yet though!

As much as I’m all about being a “real DJ” there’ll be times I just want an easy way out

Hi @cluskeysmith

In the Preferences you can choose your Sync Mode type. Both the Bar and Beat sync options will snap to the beatgrid.

Sync Mode: This setting determines the degree of synchronization applied when you press the Sync button onPrime 4:

Bar: The tempo will be synced, and the track will be automatically bar-matched with the track on the master deck (the downbeats of each bar will be aligned).

Beat: The tempo will be synced, and the track will automatically beat-matched with the track on the master deck.

Tempo: Only the tempo will be synced (the BPM will match that of the master deck).

This info is on pg. 27 of the PRIME 4 User Guide :slight_smile:

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Hey man, thank you, I had a read and changed my settings but I’ve obviously missed a step, appreciate the patience answering my Q

Will try it when i head downstairs,if my pain in the arse 3 year old ever actually falls asleep haha :slight_smile:

Promise to pay it forward if I can in future :slight_smile:

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Hello, You hit sync on the master song then you click sync on the song on the other track you need to sync. That’s all

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