Sync SC5000M with Ableton live

I’m actually mixing with 2 players SC5000M and Ableton live for the audio effects

Players send the sound to Ableton live which return the signal to the mixer.

Is it possible ton connect my SC5000 player to ableton live, in order to sync the engine prime midi clock to the albeton live midi clock ?


I tried to sync external devices to the Prime system via midi without success. The bpm value is sent over midi, but there is a small drift that accumulates in time and prevents the systems to be in sync. If the pitch slider is slightly moved, the devices get completely out of sync.

I just wrote a bug report in the X1800 section.

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This discussion would be instantly over, if Engine Prime already supported Ableton Link. So please give your like to the feature request:

For now I sacrifice one deck of my prime setup for time code. From this time code I generate a midi clock with my sync lock, which can be used to run Ableton live. This works very well and runs stable for hours. But Ableton Link would be so much simpler to use and require no additional hardware.


Can you explain this in more detail? I am interested in syncing an external device but I didn’t manage to do it properly. Can you explain to me your preocedure @beatom ?

Sure @ElTitoFranki :slight_smile:

Front and center is the following hardware device:

It takes a time and a control signal from two audio channels and converts them into a midi clock. So I setup a short track with a 96th notes click channel and a second channel containing the start/stop/continue signal. This track runs on one of my decks and I use it as bpm master. Then I setup loops and hotcues accordingly to have control of the time signal. It’s important to turn off pitch shifting, so the click signal doesn’t get altered.

When the signal is running, I can change bpm drastically and still the midi clock remains absolutely stable and in sync to the SC5000 tracks (using the sync option). It runs for hours without shifting a single 96th note. You can beat match by using the jog wheels in non-vinyl mode.


Nice!! Thank you for letting me know this device. However I don’t understand how do you setup this track with 96th notes click on one channel (left channel?), and the signals for start/stop/continue (right channel?).

Many thanks @beatom!!

Yes, that’s exactly how it works. I use a click sample and build the track manually in Ableton Live. So it’s just about fiddling around in the DAW to get the desired result.

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Anyone has an idea if Engine prime team development has intention to support Ableton Link ?

It has been mentioned before by a few people, so yes I would definitely Plus one this ableton link, need something to spice up my sets, as I am getting a bit board. The only option to do anything special is looping on the deck layers, but that is quite awkward to do with any consistency and without being able to mark the tracks you want to use on the seconds deck layer so they are visible as this! when you put them in a playlist, it gets messy and often confusing especially if say you wanted to use a couple of looped tracks over your playing track, its just awkward and takes too much setting up. But with Ableton you can set a large or extensive loop collection or looped track sections as I like etc, so although it would mean using a laptop at present I really need this enjoyment factor, I like to spice things up a lot, so again I say ableton link would be exiting

And I doubt I could afford any decent sampler / or if Denon release a sampler, so ableton link is my best option +1 or plus 100 :slight_smile:

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Thank you denon for your awesome update 2.0.

I was not tender with the dev team about the engine software and features on my last messages, but i appreciate a lot the last version.

Great job guys and thank you !