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First post and a controversial topic so let’s play nice please

I’m seeing an odd sync issue when syncing tracks for a quick mix. I’ll explain as best I can.

I made a copy of each track so I have two files for each track that are identical. Tracks were analyzed in EP and the copies were analyzed in Serato. Both analyze at the same in either software. I imported the tracks to EP for testing to see what’s happening.

Track 1 is at 138bpm Track 2 is at 70bpm

Pressing sync first on Track 1 (138bpm), then pressing sync on Track 2 (70bpm), both tracks play at 138bpm.

This doesn’t happen when I use “controller X” using Serato. It only happens with the P4 and I only use it in standalone mode. I’ve not tried the P4 with Serato because I purposefully got the P4 for stand-alone.

I know I can manually beat match them, but this is for a quick mix with no real time to do so. Typically I manually beat match.Can anyone explain why this may be happening and if it’s a bug, expected results, or something else? It seems they tracks are being analyzed incorrectly because the 70bpm track matches perfectly if I manually mix with a 140bpm track. Same down beats and same tempo.

It’s a bit frustrating when everything jumps to the primary tracks bpm when it should drop the second track to 67bpm for a good sync. I hope I’m explaining properly so you vm understand and offer some advice or maybe even explain why this happens. If it’s covered somewhere else, I may have searched and read, but it doesn’t correlate to what I’m experiencing. Any help is appreciated.

So to understand, You want the track of 70BPM to sync automatically to 140BPM and still sound good?

Auto sync will speed up 70BPM track 100% faster, or slow down the other track 100%.

This can be done properly only by hand to beatch to every second beat. Or I understand something wrong…?

I assume @one3 is asking about the ability of EP to sync two tracks that are both about the same BPM but one of them was analyzed at half (70) the actual BPM (138). Rekordbox (rip) has a setting, buried in: Preferences > Other > Beat/BPM Sync >> Allow Beat/BPM Sync with double/half BPM (yes/no).

Obviously the software should correctly analyze the BPMs but when software fails systematicaly and halves a BPM, said feature would help to rectify it. (which used to happen occasionally in each of the main dj softwares but now seems to only happen regularly with EP, for me ps. if you personally have never experienced this with EP I’m super happy for you and no doubt you deserve said happiness but saying “mine works perfectly” does not actually illustrate anything).

As far as I know (I’m not using beta though) , EP does not have this ability.

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There is half/double time sync option in most modern professional dj software - I use it a good bit in Serato DJ.

60bpm song will sync with 120bpm song

130bpm song will sync with 65bpm

@one3 check the feature request area

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I don’t understand, you must learn EP software with its lacks and bugs and it will be no problem. Reanalyze your songs, manually adjust the tempo when incorrect (old songs or some genres cannot be right for now) and there’s no problem for 99% of songs. For the rest, you have ears and eyes, we are Djs. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You may always have differences between software. In a year Denon has make many improvements, you forget all the lacks and bugs of RB and Serato.

NoiseRiser - not quite, I want the 70bpm track to drop down to 69bpm to sync to the 138bpm track

@mattpositive you’re right from what I can tell. the 70bpm track will be an exact sync to the 138bpm track if dropped to 69bpm beat for beat. I am using the beta EP version, and I see no difference in analyzing from the previous one. Removing the bpm data from the tracks and analyzing in Serato and EP both produce one at 70bpm (which is really a 140bpm track) and the other at 138bpm, which is correct. Maybe there is a better software I can use for analyzing prior to adding to the library?

mufasa - yes, we need this in EP - I’ll check the request area shortly.

DJMarcoMarco - What EP lacks and what may be bugs are present in all other software I have as well. Some songs just do not analyze properly. Ears and eyes are what got me this far, but with the technology I have sitting on my stand downstairs, I should be able to have proper analysis.

Thanks all for the responses!! I may just have to go through the tracks one by one and change the BPM on them manually. Kind of a pain since I’m looking at only two genres with around 1200 tracks total. It’s part of the culling process though I suppose. Still finding out which ones will make the cut and which will get deleted.

Now I get Your point :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, I changed the bpm range In the analysis options and rescanned a group of files. About 90% pulled the correct bpm. Raising the minimum to 75 seemed to help force the analysis to bump it up to the 130-140. I wonder why? I’ve never selected a range when scanning because I have samples and my own sounds, short loops and such I’ve made over the years in my library. Maybe it would be best to analyze in batches rather than the entire library at once? With the speed of the full library analyze function I’ve never bothered to break it down into smaller groups. Something to take into consideration maybe when running into issues like the one I had.