Sync Manager Overview

Sync Manager is a new feature in Engine Prime that provides seamless syncing of Crates, Playlists & Metadata between your Engine Prime library & Engine Prime Target devices.

To open Sync Manager, simply press the Sync Manager button in the bottom left-hand corner of Engine Prime.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 1.21.22 PM

Exporting Crates/Playlists to an Engine Prime Target

Use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side to select the Engine Prime target device you would like to Sync your crates/playlists with.

note: If no Target device is connected, you will be prompted to connect one.

Engine Prime targets will be listed in alphabetical order, with the appropriate warning icons if the selected drive is unsupported, set to read only, or if the database on on the target device has been detected as corrupt.

Note: You will not be able to pack more content to a corrupted drive.

If the connected target device contains an Engine Prime Profile, a profile icon will show, which can be clicked on to view & change the settings saved to the profile. An eject button will also show next to each connected target.

Once you’ve selected an Engine Prime target, you can use the collection pane on the left side of the Sync Manager window to select the Crates / Playlists for use on Engine Prime hardware.

Note: If a top level crate or Playlist folder is selected, all sub level crates are selected as well by default.

The total file size of the export will be displayed above the ‘Export To Drive’ button.

If the total file size of the export is larger than the remaining free space of the destination drive a warning will be displayed below the highlighted Engine Prime target on the right hand side, and the ‘Export To Drive’ button will be greyed out.

Once you’ve selected all your Crates/Playlists, click the ‘Export To Drive’ button to start the export. During export you’ll see a green progress bar above the ‘Export To Drive’ button, and on the righthand side you’ll see which Crate/Playlist is being exported to the target device in realtime.

Syncing back Changes to Engine Prime

Sync Manager can also be used to sync metadata changes made on Engine Prime hardware back to your local collection, if changes have been detected on the target device. If no changes have been detected, the Sync To Engine button will be greyed out.

With your target device connected and selected in Sync Manager, click the ‘Sync To Engine’ button on the righthand side to update the tracks metadata in your local collection with any changes, a warning dialogue will show, click yes to continue or no to exit the dialogue box.


Isn’t this the way Engine currently works? Just a different with a different layout?

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I thought so too, but I welcome the explicit multi-directional sync settings … looking forward to see how this feature develops

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I haven’t used playlists that much but I noticed when deleting songs from a playlist on my external drive the playlist on the computer still shows those songs. So maybe the new software will fix that?

I hope so, as I’ve run into that. I especially want to see better sync management between multiple devices…like between Engine on my Mac, External HDD, Thumb drives, Prime 4 internal HDD … this would be a godsend!