Sync Manager & new added crates with missed tracks

Hi, I can’t reply to my previous Topic, so I created a new one:

I re-formatted the USB Drive first time: I just copied some crates with sub-crates (not the entire collection) and all seems ok, no problems. second time: I copied again some new other crates with sub-crates, now I insert the usb drive in the mcx8000 and I scroll and check all crates and I see that many tracks have not been copied over, there are the container crates but some tracks inside are not present randomnly.

so what’s the problem now ? the sync manager said “export completed”. I didn’t synced existing crates on the USB driver with moved or deleted tracks I just synced new crates with new tracks and still there are problems. The only way to not have problems at all seems to be the copy of the entire collection to an empty re-formatted drive!! but as you know this means many time wasting!!

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