Sync issues

Hey guys

Seem to be having issues sync with both decks. any tips where im going wrong ?


You’ll need to explain a bit more.

In standalone mode or with DJ software?

Are the beat grids scanned correctly and the files exported in compatibility mode?

Running this with serato Im just thinking all my tunes had been set up on my old traktor and I transferred them from my laptop to serato could this be a issue ?

Never ever used Serato but I’m guessing you would need to rescan them in the software to set the beat grid?


Hi @Stevieg1 - As @kradcliffe mentioned, you want to analyze your tracks in Serato first in order to take advantage of track syncing.

Here are a couple resources to get you familiar with the Serato software.

By the way, you can import your Traktor collection in Engine PRIME if you want to maintain your collection and use the MCX8000 in standalone mode.

Here is a tutorial for that: How To: Convert Traktor to Engine PRIME

All the best!


Before you do anything

  1. Dive into serato settings and check the show beatgrid box, chose your SYNC options as well. I use Simple Sync

  2. Then click On ALL, Select all the tracks in your library and drag it onto the ANALYSE button

  3. Wait till it finishes

  4. Load a track on deck, play

  5. Load track on opposite deck, press sync, then Play on the down beat, if you miss that by a bit , just press sync again and the track will snap to the beat!

  6. That’s how sync works with simple sync, I believe smart sync will match the BPM and Phrase so your beat grids must be on point!