Sync from iTunes takes forever

So, I added 58 tracks to my iTunes this morning in less than 2 minutes, and has now been syncing with Engine Prime for the last 2.5 hours. Its only a update of the 58 new tracks in the ITunes library - all other tracks were allready there. Why does it have to take so long time?

Is there somehow I can remove the artwork update that runs everytime?

It’s the same with Serato library update. Add a few new tracks, refresh Serato library in Engine. It’s like one is doing a fresh library import.

I’m not sure how this can be avoided though, May be a cache system and a background update of older files that may have changes.

Maybe if DJ and Music software adopt a uniform database system.

In VDJ it takes seconds… :confused: I’m still waiting here…

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I second this. I used to use VDJ prior to getting the SC5000’s and X1800. The amount of time it takes to update the Denon Engine Prime library is INSANELY SLOW.

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Any Denon personal who have a word about this?

Exactly I face the similar I restore from iCloud and I lost my all data, songs. And new issue occurred itunes error 3600, fortunately, I found a website and learn tricks but it makes lots of effort to work it properly.