Sync from iTunes takes forever


So, I added 58 tracks to my iTunes this morning in less than 2 minutes, and has now been syncing with Engine Prime for the last 2.5 hours. Its only a update of the 58 new tracks in the ITunes library - all other tracks were allready there. Why does it have to take so long time?

Is there somehow I can remove the artwork update that runs everytime?


It’s the same with Serato library update. Add a few new tracks, refresh Serato library in Engine. It’s like one is doing a fresh library import.

I’m not sure how this can be avoided though, May be a cache system and a background update of older files that may have changes.

Maybe if DJ and Music software adopt a uniform database system.


In VDJ it takes seconds… :confused: I’m still waiting here…


I second this. I used to use VDJ prior to getting the SC5000’s and X1800. The amount of time it takes to update the Denon Engine Prime library is INSANELY SLOW.


Any Denon personal who have a word about this?