Sync database between multiple prime devices?


Due to strange twist of fate, tomorrow I am getting prime go.:partying_face:

I have prime 4 already, when I got it I imported music to engine prime, analyzed it and pushed to prime.

By now I have done plenty of beatgrid edits, hotcues, analyzed bunch of tidal playlists, etc on 4.

So my question is, when I get prime go, can I somehow sync those everything from 4 to pc and then to go?

  • you can sync your performance data back to the original files on the PC.

  • Then export from the original files to the Go.

  • Sync Manager or the old sync icon (beside the drive name)


This will work if you used EP to transfer the files to the P4. (sync manager or drag and drop method)


I tried it, but it didn’t seem to work. I have hundreds of analyzed tracks on tidal, which are not transfered to go.

I will try again tomorrow, and if it doesn’t work, I will see if I can manually copy data from one database to another.

I’m working on a little app right now to help with library management that will let you import playlists created on the P4 back into engine, not just sync back queues.

I’ll be posting it here sometime in the next week once I finish the first version.

Edit: First version is out. Two-way sync features coming soon.

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do you use an external drive with the prime4?

I use internal ssd. I have sata 2 usb adapter if it can be of use?

The only way i can think is to use the SSD interchangeably between the Prime4 and the Go.

You should start a thread to request the feature - transferring streamed track performance data from prime drive to pc to another prime drive.