Sync copying tracks / Song Restart. 2 problems

Afternoon denon peoples…

I have a P4 which im currently testing and have found a few issues which id like to see if someone else can recreate please?

1:Sync Copying

Sync button seems to be coping songs from one player to the next irrespective of which layer is in use.

Method - Play 1st song live on a channel and mark it as sync master, select a second song on another channel and the hold the sync button down. The main song with copy across to the second player after about 3 - 5 seconds of holding it down. I have replicated this on all layers and also searched around but cant find a fix. Dont normally use sync as Im an old boy but id like to do more mashups and use my sample library so sync would be handy.

2:Auto Loop Restart

I was setting an 8 bar loop on a live track during a mix and the system restarted the live song and totally trashing the mix and energy. I have tried to recreate this again but setting the loop and holding the buttons down longer than normal and I have not been successful so was hoping someone else me have come across this?

Hope its just me being stupid but thought id share.

This is instant double. It’s a feature not an anomaly

To sync, just tap the sync button… no need to hold it down except you want instant double

Can you give me an example of why this would be used so i can understand better?

Think of old school scratching DJ’s… they need two copies of the same record so they can cut quickly between different parts of the same record with the cross fader.


OK cool… I get that now… thankyou.

I have mainly stuck to 4/4 house, techno, speed garage, trance and hard house which has never had a need for this apart from phasing the breaks etc which meant duplicating the record collection so didnt use it all that much.

Im glad its not a problem, just something i need to be aware of when playing with the samples.

I would really love to be able to load samples onto the pads though, that would be amazing!