Sync button (how does it works?)

Just got my Prime set yesterday late afternoon and very happy with it :slight_smile:

Was ao playing around with the sync option and is not really clear to me, in the preferences I set it to “beat” not sure what “tempo” does differently .

Anyway when playing both players show a blinking “sync” buttton, when I press them on both players, both will light up constantly… also the syncing does work however when I use a 1 of the cue or loop, 8 buttons, the sync button on that player start blinking again and the song does not stay in sync anymore.

Also when loading a next track again I need to press the blinking sync button again, this doesn’t sound logical to me, If a DJ opts to play with the sync on why does he has to turn it on every song?

Can someone explain what is the the sync button, i.e. not lit, blinking and constantly lid?

Waiting for my flightcases hope they will arrive coming week.

Because when you move the platter it moves it off whatever you have sync set up for. It can be for beat, key, and one other.