Sync back Dropbox to computer

Hello everyone !

My main laptop is sadly gone, but hopefully my engine library was also online on dropbox. With Engine Prime, I was able to copy my library from dropbox to 2 USB sticks but I don’t know how to do this on my laptop. Do I have only to copy/paste what is in my dropbox to rebuild my library on my laptop or there’s something else I need to do ?

Cheers and HF !


Hey @djcedricm - Happy to help. Make sure to have Dropbox downloaded on to your laptop and connected to your account. Afterwards in Engine Prime, navigate to Settings > Library > Cloud Storage and switch ON Dropbox. That should work to reconnect your files.

If all else fails, please don’t hesitate to DM us and we’ll take a closer look.


Thanks Anthony_DDJ for the tip, worked like a charm <3

Cheers !

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