Switch to a different brand ?!

Hi there,

I’m about to make te change of my life !! I used my Numark ns7 mk2 for a several years but want something that is not depending on pc/laptop. So, as the prime series of denon is not an option I thought de mcx800 is !! BUT… reading through the forum, I discoverded this controller is having nearly the same problems the Numark also has…

  • freezing controller
  • sound problems
  • connection problems

Can anybody please give me a good and clear reason to swap over from Numark ns7 mk2 to Denon MCX8000.

Thanks in advance.


There are two issues at play here.

1 - Some units suffer from screen freezing 2 - Engine firmware (and software) being updated

Denon haven’t figured out what causes the screen freezing (or if they have they’re not letting on). Current advice is that if it happens to you it’s a warranty repair or replacement.

As far as the unit firmware is concerned, the beta still isn’t complete. I’m sure that once finalized the unit will be very reliable indeed.

Denon, please don’t take this as direct criticism, but the software development at in-music goes at a snails pace. I’m not a developer by any means but purely from a consumer point of view it is the slowest thing ever.

As much as I love my MCX8000 (and it will be even better soon) the speed at which Denon write, test and release software and firmware is an issue for me personally and would put me off buying Denon gear in the future. Just an observation from someone who uses a lot of technology from various companies.


I agree 100% Support is really slow if I would known it before i would buy Pioneer.

i don´t have : freezing , sound problems or connection problems with my MCX8000

I’m on the same page. At this point, I won’t be committing to Denon for my next upgrade. I hope they bring it together though

Hi guys

Sorry to read that this thread is hanging on negatives. Software development progress and issues with screen freezing have been dealt with in other threads within the Forum. Hopefully you’ll see that our team here are super keen to deal with any individual cases of screen freeze and work with the individual customer to find the cause and bring home a solution on a case by case basis, whatever the contributory factors were.

With regards to software dev, we’ve had some great responses to the MCX8000 beta program and those actively involved are finding a new, refreshed workflow experience that reaffirms their faith in the product investment they made. Development does take time however, with many factors coming into play that can sometimes halt progress as a particular bug is found, then a process takes place to fix as quickly as possible to move to a speedy resolution. Our Dev Team is always mindful to make sure when a release candidate becomes a final release, that the customer experience is as close to 100% the best it could be.

I’d ask other members here with near flawless MCX8000 experiences to add their voice to the OP’s question. Take it as a guarantee however, that if you do face any problems with your MCX8000, or the supported and approved software (Serato DJ Pro), our expert team who monitor this Forum will deal with it, and look after you, on a one-to-one basis until a satisfactory resolution is found. We’ve got your back!

Best Paul

Hi guys, thought I would weigh in. Speaking from personal experience I can only say good things about my 8k purchase. I’ve had mine for about a year and aside from minor hiccups caused by using a crappy USB cable and less than awesome thumb drives I’m very happy. I’m using Serato mode on a 2013 MBP with 16gb of ram and an i5 processor flawlessly. I’m using standalone mode with Kingston HyperX Savage USB drives also flawlessly although I plan to move to SanDisk ssd eventually as its highly recommended around this forum. I am running the v1.5 firmware. I certainly agree with most when they say they that Engine software is blah but I believe that issue will be resolved with Engine Prime support around the corner. Admittedly I’m a bit of a Denon homer, in my 30 year DJ career I’ve used little else, so I really can’t comment on gear from other manufacturers, but for me it’s always been the right gear for the job. Forums can be a tricky place to get gear advice, although loaded with excellent, experienced people to help with your issues, it’s important to remember that for every person that writes in with an issue there are 1000 that didn’t write in because they have no issues. Anyway hope I’m not droning on (my kids tell me I do that hehe) I tend to be more of a reader than a poster, just wanted to relay my positive experience.

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Thank you for sharing your MCX8000 experiences @Crazeed!

Hola, Yo a dia de hoy estoy muy contento con las mejoras en modo autónomo de la versión Beta. Si es cierto que la cosa va lenta, pero entiendo que todo lleva su tiempo. El equipo Denon, en mi opinión, esta haciendo un buen trabajo y ahora mismo tengo un equipazo. Quedan cositas por mejorar, pero todo llegara …

Ciao a tutti… Io utilizzare la versione 1.5 del firmware… Il congelamento del video destro avviene se utilizzo usb lente in modalità stand alone… Se utilizzo pendrive più veloci lo schermo non freeza… freeza solo se ho qualche file mp3 non di qualità…

agree 100% also, development super slow. almost 2 years for a firmware update to resolve known issues that are constantly reported?

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really great controller, great platters, dual usb standalone feature and for dj swap over… when it works. everything you’ve read is true and response and development is slow, not really what you expect for a premium professional solution. coming up to 2 years since last firmware release.

Did you switch to another brand ?

hello id like to start by saying that ive never had any issues at all with the 8000 in serato mode. it works the way is supposed to and very reliable in that sense. ive never seen that screen issues and stuff other people are saying thank goodness. that being said my issue with denon is with the standalone mode and the fact that is very badly implemented in the sense that there are a lot of steps. that few times i was able to use it it worked but the road to it working was very steep indeed. first off the software engine is complete and utter trash. looks to have been done in the 80’s. idk about other people but i find it very limited and is very hard to get your library in the software organized. thats if it doesnt crash after 5 minutes or less which it does 90% of the time. then you have to drag one crate by one crate to the usb stick.thats a pain in the ass im not a child i dont have that kind of time. then theres is the never utilized but very much advertised even to this day stage linq. great concept that stayed a concept. these 2 things are my main issue with the mcx8000. there are many controllers that worked with serato and do the same thing for a lot less money. i paid a premium for those 2 features alone so it really ■■■■■■ me off when denon is taking their sweet time making the experience something that can, you know, be experienced.

well primary set up is technics 1210s and rane 62, mcx8000 was for mobile gigs but when unreliable i have a $300 hercules jogvision that always works

You state,

I’m sorry Paul, but no one from Denon has come to my aid despite my pleas for help with my MCX8000, which has screens that freeze and other problems besides that. Just on that basis alone, I would not recommend that anyone buy an MCX8000 with how the current situation stands. We are professional DJ’s and the night lives or dies because of what we do. If we have equipment constantly letting us down the night dies but we want it to live and we need equipment which works, the MCX8000 doesn’t in my opinion. If people see the Denon brand being used and not letting us down, then they are more likely to ask why we use said equipment. My answer to which would always be first and foremost, because it works, it’s reliable. Sadly, I can not say this of the MCX8000. Until this is all sorted out, then I couldn’t recommend a MCX8000. Please Denon, pull your finger out.

Re the above Craig - please can you point me to a thread or instance where you feel your MCX8000 ‘pleas’ have not been attended to or you feel you’ve had an unsatisfactory response and I’ll raise this directly with our Customer Support team. Please also let me know via DM your unit’s date of purchase, from which supplier and where you are located in the world - thank you.