Swipe to load on Engine Prime?

I hope to get a Prime 2 within the month and out of curiosity was wondering if you could swipe a track in the direction of the deck you want to load it to. Its obviously a small thing and without using a Prime device hands on I don’t even know if it’s necessary but still thought to ask about it. Thanks.

You can’t DJ from Engine Prime if that’s what you mean.

You can swipe to load on the Prime hardware - but not on/from Engine Prime software.

Sorry I mean from the hardware yes. I know swiping allows you to load, but what about swiping in the direction of the deck you want it to play on and it instantly loading?

I think in vertical waveform view, yes.

Horizontal view, no. Bit obvious, but hey. :innocent:

got it, thanks.

Suggestion: watch the tutorial videos. :grinning:

Also, see page 15 of the Prime 2 manual.

Swiping toward a deck wouldn’t work where more than one deck or layer was available each side as the prime wouldn’t know which deck/layer on that side you meant to load to.

Also, current functionality of left swipe is already used for sending a file to your prepare folder/wait list

What about swiping in direction of the layer You have actively selected maybe?

Not in the original “library center” vertical mode. And you speak of Prime4.

Considering that some people are asking for safety nets to prevent accidental pressing of stop and go (cue and play), I would be concerned about what level of “complication” any new feature adds.

Same goes for road drivers - don’t know how to drive a car - take a bus - more safe for others :wink:

yes you can do this on Prime 4 if 4 deck mode is off and you are in library view - I think this is the case, you can definately swipe the track into a deck.

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