Sweep Effects not working?

For some reason I’m not getting any response from both Echo and Wash Sweep effects? They light up as they should during use, but have zero effect on the sound. Filter and Noise still work as normal when turning the Sweep FX knobs. Currently I’ve just upgraded to V1.4 Beta, but noticed problems with the previous update too.

Cheers, Scott.

Hello @mr-s, sorry to hear about your issues with your PRIME 4 effects. Since you are running the version v1.4 beta, could you please submit this feedback in our PRIME 4 PUBLIC BETA Beat Defects and Issues thread? It’s important that we collate all feedback into one central area for the product and development teams to review.

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Hello, I have the same problems with the Wash and Echo effects. Is there any solution ???

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Is it when listening through headphones? I think I’ve come to realise that you only hear these effects through the master out, and not through headphones via the cue, whereas the other two effects you do. Hope this helps.

Yes, that it is. My first test was only with headphones. But, because 2 effects worked with headphones I thought the other 2 are not o.k. FX1 and FX2 are not sent to the headphones too. I hope this will be changed by update. I think it is better to hear the effect first on headphone before using it. Thank you very much for your help. Greetings

If you set the headphone mix from CUE to MASTER, can you hear it then?

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yes, this works but even not only on the headphones. My first test was without master out and so I heard nothing. But now it is OK so, only have to adapt me. Thank you for your reply.

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Hopefully it will work okay now.

Enjoy this amazing kit!