Support Pages Gone from Denon Site

Hi Guys,

Anyone noticed that the support pages for Controllers HC4500, HD2500 and HC 5000 are no longer present?

Has Denon totally stopped legacy support for devices over 10 years old?


Going off a few other recent posts… Denon has been reworking their website across the board even the Engine Prime links were down for a bit. Hopefully someone can chime in with working links. :crossed_fingers:

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It makes sense that if denon are working on refreshed pages, the priority of getting legacy, decade old pages back online would have a lower priority than getting Prime pages back online

But then people are more likely to own older equipment and need support for it?

Depends if they go by the idea of - if it ain’t broke etc

If they’ve had the unit a decade, they’ll probably have the right drivers, downloaded Music Master type programs and all that by now.

If you have a question for support please use the contact form:

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I’ve tried contacting Denon but they want the receipt and serial number of the products. I am the oner of 5 Denon products bought secondhand, all working ok. Yes I do have the drivers backed up.

I was refering to the denon page for further information on a hd2500 to find the pages gone.

Not everyone can afford to purchase brand new controllers at £500 + a time.

Right… because no one buys used gear…

What sort of second hand gear has no serial numbers ?

Anyway why not just try asking your question on this forum and see if your question has an answer

It’s a little concerning you don’t have a serial number? it should be on the bottom of the unit?

Spoked to Denon UK who are owned by a new parent company. They’ve sent me the updates I require and said the websites should all be back up and running for legacy products soon.

Hi All,

Thanks for posting!

The website is going through a reboot at the moment, and legacy products will be back up soon. In the meantime, if you need drivers, manuals, etc. for any legacy products, please contact our support team as @Chloe_DENONDJ mentions above. You should not need a serial number or receipt for any of this; only for warranty purposes.

Thanks Chloe,

Don’t think my gear has any warranty after nearly 15 years :slight_smile:

Could have come from a seller that sold “gray market” products.