Support for Drumpad Controllers

So with the recent SC6000 and SC6000M announcement I figure I would put in my two cents about the one feature that I really want to see in the players. I know that the built in pads are pretty good, but I am not a fan of the smaller size and I am a much bigger fan of full-size drumpad controllers such as the Reloop Neon and the Pioneer DDJ-SP1. I know that for obvious reasons full support probably can’t be done, but I figure being able to add mappings to support such devices could be possible or even a new product from Denon DJ for this I would love to see something along those lines as it’s one of the very few issues that I have with the prime players. I also would like to hear if I am the only one who feels this way or if there are other people who think that they would like to have such a feature for Engine OS players. (My experience as a Prime 4 owner as well has showed me that such a feature isn’t really necessary for it.)