Suitable USB Memory Sticks

Probably slightly off topic - but anyone have recommendations on reliable (e.g. Brand / size) on USB 3 memory sticks at 128 GB or 256GB size for use on SC5000 / Engine Prime. When I say reliable I suppose I mean long term endurance and loading performance. Thanks in advance…

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Personally I prefer Sandisk Ultra… Is also available in metal (Ultra Flair)

Hi rogerken1. I started a topic over in the MCX8000 category about USB thumb drive choice for Engine Standalone mode.

My personal preference for the MCX8000 is a Kingston USB 3 SE9 G2 Data Traveller 128gb. I’ve not had an opportunity to use this with the SC5000, but from my experience of using it week in-week out with Engine Standalone it’s proved to be a worthwhile purchase.

It’s available in 16gb, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb sizes and it’s enclosure is solid.

slowly and painfully, I have found that its best to get branded and sensible usb storage devices rather than cheap, novelty storage.

the danger is that you can’t always use a high price on memory sticks to help your buying decision coz something like a really decent brand of memory usb might be £20 for a great 16GB stick. But a really dreadful unreliable usb memory stick might be £20 also - but its pricey because it’s in the shape of a film character e.g.: Star Wars or Muppets or Disney USB sticks etc

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Thanks - will take a look.