Suggestions for building a collection for a SSD

Hi all, I am planning on filling a 1TB SSD with my mp3 collection and putting it in the Prime 4.

I have a fairly well organised mp3 collection all in folders relating to Genres and labels within those genres.

I’m wondering the best way to put this on the SSD. I tried dumping folders on it and it played just fine, but it got me wondering if there is any benefit to putting the whole collection painstakingly into Engine Prime and exporting it from there? I want it to remain in a Genre / Label / Release format for organisation. Can I do Crates within crates to acheive this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes you can do crates within crates

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You can also go a little bit further when you finished importing.

You add Crates at the End of your list, where you can do such things as:

Sort by Alphabetical: Sort by Year: Sort by Important Artist: Sort them by key or BPM …

And when you click the first Layer of crates, (drivename internal), you can move tracks to your “sort” crates without duplicating the tracks.

So I have sorted my whole library.

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