Suggestion, sort the request postings by votes...

I would like to suggest sorting the request by how many votes. they receive… By Automatically placing the top voted request ontop. I feel this is a good way to kerp track and compare the top request for consideration.


I think it already does that automagically:

Latest Feature Requests/New/Open Requests topics - Official Denon DJ Forum

However, a sorting column would be nice.

Yes, you can already sort the requests by how many votes each feature request has got.

It certainly puts things into perspective.

Some suggestions haven’t even got 1 vote. That means that even the person suggesting that feature won’t spend one of their own votes on their own idea… that really doesn’t inspire.

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Haha, some people probably don’t even realise there’s a voting system.

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Maybe the person is out of votes? That happened to me… I had to take a vote back to vote on my own suggestion… This voting system is a great idea… So many good suggestions… I wish i had some more votes.


Maybe suggestions that are sitting at zero votes after a certain time of being suggested (6 months?) should be put in their own “hall of fame” section

I was going to say “binned” or “Deleted” but while an unvoted for suggestion is up on the forum “somewhere” at least it might stop someone else from suggesting the same thing in duplicate.

I have suggested features that may have 0 votes, that’s because I only have 10 votes and I prefer to vote for what I feel the most important features first. But of course I know how the voting system works…


Hahah just thought voting on your own ideas is like sending yourself Christmas cards.

I’ve ran out of votes pretty much instantly as lots of great minds thinking but recently went through them and I took one back for another better idea but I’ve not voted on my own suggestion. Are we supposed to?

I suppose if any idea has 1 vote or 0 votes, it’s probably not going to make it to the public either way.

That, but also, there are feature requests that may be relevant, but less relevant than some others. A feature request having no votes doesn’t make it meaningless…

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