Sudden loss of signal for second

Tech question - running new version of Virtual, on a brand new Dell G3 with all the proper Denon drivers installed, using Denon 6000. Every once and awhile, I get a millisecond of silence, where it seems something loses the signal from somewhere. What could possibly be causing this? Have checked the power from the Denon and replaced, just to be safe. Could it be something with the USB? Need new cable? Like everything is brand new… and ZERO CPU usage on VDJ.

I posted this in the Ottawa DJ page and another 6000 user said he had the same issue but thinks an update from Windows helped. My computer is brand new, tho.

Let me know your theories…

Isnt this the 3rd post on the same topic?

At least the third.

Virtual dj let me down for the last time the other night. It’s just plain dumb-ass inconsistent and as such easy to see why it’s not accepted worldwide as professional. It’s like bringing Lego to a construction site.

For weeks it’s been starting up with different front end screens, always the video screen but the drop downs for slideshow and master and essential media are sometimes side by side, other times below each other. Sometimes it’ll let you use the alpha fader in essential media to cross fade between slideshows and essential media, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes it’ll see the middle audio channels usb of my x1800, sometime it won’t and no amount of having the mixer on first and let VDJ wake up to see the mixer, or vice verse etc will fix that. A complete reboot sometimes fixes it, sometimes not.

Previously it lost my playlists. Also I just get a nice selection of background music tunes in the The automix window in the order I want them and one accidental click sorta the entire bunch into artist or song title order with no way back - it’s a peashooter in a gun shop. I’ll find some other method to show photos and video wallpaper onscreen - Atomix has had all the chances it deserves and then some

If you accidentally click the automix sort order out of sync, just right click on the column header and select “reset sort order”. It then puts the list back to the order it is in when saved.

I use 100% video on my gigs and it’s rock solid.

The 2020 update was poor as it changed skins and also reset certain settings. Bad decision by Atomix to do that however in general I’ve had very few issues in 12 years of constant use.

It’s just too many things wrong and worse still , it’s the inconsistency. Switching it all on and wondering whether it’s going to be 2 minutes for it to work, or 20/30 minutes of checking settings and changing g things

I became aware years ago that pop music video popularity is basically leches so o stopped giving blokes handjob fodder Yeats ago. I just need to find a slideshow player and a standalone execcutable variation of essyential media

Virtual dj will live only on my home system for mucking about with or making edits of wedding tunes, it’s just wobbly and random every time you launch it