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Moin, Ich habe jetzt seit einer Woche den Denon Prime 4 er hat super Funktionen doch leider finde ich die Suchfunktion sehr schlecht kennt jemand die Möglichkeit mit der Suchfunktion in Ordnern Musik zu suchen leider findet er bei mir in den Ordnern nichts nur die Musik die ich schonmal geöffnet habe

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Hi @DjDarock

You have to add your music into your collection with Engine Prime on PC/Mac to fully enable the search function. The Prime does not automatically build a search database onboard. Only the files that have been analyzed onboard are put in the database, so loading the files one by one is the only solution on the unit itself. If you would like the feature that the Prime itself can build and update your search database you can vote this request: Automatic background search database build

At this time the only solution is trough Engine Prime on PC/Mac. You don’t necessarily need to (auto)analyze files in Engine Prime, but they must be added to the collection somehow. Like said, on the unit itself loading and analyze is the only way to add to collection.

Hope this helps you out


Vielen Dank, dann weiß ich bescheid

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