Students in Denmark

Love these gigs. :heart: Been doing them for a couple of years now. And the Tidal / Soundcloud option is amazing on these gigs for those speciel wishes. (the Remix in the video is from my drive, not from a Streaming service)

Hooked up my SC5000 Setup, and rocked two x 12 hour gigs friday and saturday this way!

Yes - A Go, Prime 2 or Prime 4 could have done the job just as good, but I prefer the SC’s :slightly_smiling_face:


No social distancing?


This is a once in a lifetime experience for the students, and the goverment choose to say ‘Ok’ to those, but with guidelines.

Normally the students would meet up with other students from other schools and dance around a fountain.

This has been removed this year.

So its ‘contained’ to each truck and the families where they stop on the route.

OK so are you getting power from a generator (noisy) or an inverter?

Speakers ( 2 x 15" tops, and 2 x 18" subs) run on a Honda EU20 generator. Very silent, but attached underneath the lorry.

And the SC’s and mixer + 2 lighteffects run on the inverter.

Reason for this is that this way, I dont need to turn my SC’S off/on during each stop, as the speakers (the generator) is shut off while the students are visiting their families for 10 minutes.

We had 27 stops friday, and 19 saturday (and yet again there were new guidelines at this area as well - Normally the whole family is gathered, this year only the closest)

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