Struggling With Engine Prime (Various Issues)

Ok users sorry of this has been covered multiple times but struggling with 2 important issues.


is the beat grid when I owned the CDJ’s in reckordbox you could adjust the best grids in the middle of the track without moving the grids set at the beginning of the track can’t seem to do this is prime. Am I missing something here. On certain tracks I just can’t set it. The entire grid moves when editing mid track


Exporting Analysed track to USB again in Reckordbox you just right click and send to “external device” then done everything saved and ready to be read in CDJ with all saved cue points ect… In Engine Prime no easy options.

Sorry if coming across a completely novice but the software is not as good as reckordbox (YET)

1 I have found that if your song don’t have an anchor point it will move the hole grid when you use the plus or minus buttons. So your workflow is in three different ways.

A) the beat is steady but bpm if off so track grid is on beat in the beginning of the track but off in the end of the track:

On the first downbeat. Add an anchor point (Keyboard “M”). Move to the end of the track and adjust beat grid with plus or minus.

B) BPM changes in the middle if the track. Before beat change add a anchor point. Move needle to after your yellow marker point. Adjust beat grid with plus and minus.

C) beat fluctuate like in a live band. I tend to use abelton live and quantize all beats, specially if there is a lot of fluctuations. If there is just a few, adding anchor points works well.

2 If I understand your question. Use sync manager. Covered on page 26 in the manual. There is no right click and send to usb. You can use drag and drop but that take to long time when copy a single track every single time. Myself use creates playlist. The UI design could do some work but I found this is the fastest way.

Create a new playlist.

Go back to your library and either click the entire collection or select a create.

Now switch back to playlists but do not click the playlist you just created.

Now you can drag and drop your track into your playlist. Clicking on waveform preview allow you to quickly listen to you track.

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Thank you. Will try these steps tomorrow when I finish at office.