Struggling To Beat Match With These Units

They keep going out of sync. I’ve even gone as far to use the same track, loop a 4 bar pattern and it still goes out of sync after about 15 seconds. This simply should not be happening on a £1200 unit. Anybody else finding they have the same problem.

Tracks fully Analysed through Prime problem happens in both sync and manual mode. Just can’t find no solution.

I haven’t had this issue. Does this happen with both players set at zero pitch?

Never had that problem with a properly gridded & BPM’d track. They’re rock solid.

If You beat match them by hand - beat grid has nothing to do with it.

I never had an issue when synced manually - they stay synced like for ever…


is one unit always slower/faster than the other? or do they both do it?

To beat match manually is mathematics as I’m sure you know. So when you say it never works, it’s hard to imagine because if you have one track running faster you can slow it down to eventually match their speeds and bend accordingly. I’m saying this not to teach you but to put it in perspective so perhaps post a couple of videos so others can help you. Could it be you’re just not used to the gear and how the hardware behaves? I know I always struggle on my friend’s controllers but have no issues on my own gear.

Do they fall out of sync when you use instant doubles too?

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Think its best to post some videos. It’s strange because I can have both tracks set to 150bpm as mention in sync or manually and they player(s) just don’t seem to hold the tempo for longer then a few seconds.

I had a pair of CDJ’s 2000NXS and never had this issue. A looped 4 bar Sequence shouldn’t be sliding apart after the first loop.

Do you have quantize enabled while looping?

If your track isn’t gridded properly the loop won’t be accurate, so will slip. Make sure that you grid either side of the loop correctly on the down beats and try again.

@FRANTIC I agree with @yeltsin. Trying to prove this with a loop in play, depends heavily on the beat grid and will keep introducing the problem every time the loop restarts (should the grid be off). For your video, I would suggest just running the same track on both decks from the first beat.

demo the following:

  1. Same track on each deck (manual and sync)

  2. Same track on the same deck using layer A&B (manual and sync)

  3. Same track on each deck instant double

  4. Same track on the same deck using layers instant double

If you need cloud space to share your videos, dm me with your email and I will give you a dropbox folder to host the videos.


What’s the loop, and how long is it?

Hi, Shain.

Tried everything here and beat grids exactly the same on both tracks. I spoke to Denon today and they advised I reset the players to factory state and double check all tracks and grids after latest update. Other then that they were very helpful and said I could send it in for testing for a fault.

It’s like I’m mixing and the pitch slider is moving ever so slightly by itself hard to explain but I think I’ve found which player it is as it’s doing it in layer mode and the other unit is fine.

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Hi, That’t great and I am glad you are getting closer to a solution. good for you for sticking to it and not doubting yourself. update us when you get it back so we learn from your experience also.



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I am not sure what you’re asking.

Everyone’s experience is different but, before analyzed any of my songs, Engine OS did a decent job of finding the BPM/Grids and it worked fine beat matching. Any slight deviation I would just correct with the platter with no problem. IF you are just relying on sync, that can be a possible issue unless you have your beat grids perfect. But, for an enormous amount of songs that would take up all your time.

  1. Set your cues, grids, and BPM in your choice of software.
  2. Import tracks into Engine Prime
  3. Analyze the tracks
  4. Re-import information for good measure.