Strip Search Waveform Zoom

Not sure if this is default in other software. Strip search is very dangerous whilst the track is playing so quite redundant. Why not make it a waveform zoom???

VDJ Script “needle search ? is audible zoom : song position”

Now we still get the shift strip search and non playing needle drop, with the added use whilst the track is in motion.

You can set it (depending on the software/hardware) to be active only when you touch both the jogwheel and the needle search strip simultaneously. Since touching the jogwheel on a playing track will stop it anyway …

Yes. It’s set by default in VDJ to not work if the track is playing, which makes it a dead control. Unles you press shift. However the script I’ve wrote above, turns it into a waveform zoom when the track is playing, needle search when not playing or with shift pressed.