Streaming with an DN-X600 mixer

Sorry new here and not sure how to start topic. I sometimes stream with my Dn X600 using an external USB sound card and yesterday tried using sound card on mixer. It did stream however the stream did not recognize the cross fader. My monitors did recongize the cross fader being used. Any thoughts. I am using serato dj 1.96

You need to select X600’s USB ch 7/8 (master) in your streaming software.

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I also picked CH instead of master was that correct. All the other mapping under each of those are automatically done I am thinking?

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your post.

When setting up mixer for usb. The manual says to pick CH or Master setup. I picked CH. It then goes to list all these USB setups like when you said 7/8 as master. Do I need to set those in the mixer as well. [quote=“SlayForMoney, post:7, topic:4209, full:true”]

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your post. [/quote]

Sorry for the confusion.The system wont let me upload images. uggggg. Its on page 14 of the manual. USB audio input mode settings

Those setting refer to the way you want to use your mixer with DJ software (Traktor for example):

  • CH (default) - external mixing mode where audio is mixed in the mixer
  • MASTER - internal mixing mode, audio is mixed in the sofware, mixer acts as a midi controller

As I said, select usb ch 7/8 in your streaming software, what’s the problem? If you need more help, you’re gonna have to tell us more info: what streaming software are you using, screenshot of it’s settings, what OS are you using, what other hardware is used, how everything is connected,…

I am not seeing a choice of usb 7/8. the mixer does show. along with the numark v7. I am using oddcastV3. 2 numark V7 and serato 1.96. on win 10 laptop. I am unable as a new account to send screen shots V7 going into X600 via CD input. using rca out booth to speakers.

followed all settings on page 14 I believe

Please write exactly what is shown. Or just do a screenshot and host it on a external site and post the link.

Thanks for the attempts to help. I am just going to keep using my old external sound card. This might not be worth the pain

Yeah, whatever. Some people just want plug’n’play and are not interested in learning.