Streaming Service

Two questions:

  1. Will there be any other streaming services besides Tidal that we will be able to use? Spotify, Soundcloud, etc?

  2. will there be a way to download tracks to cache to be saved in either a playlist or prep folder? it would be great if we can download to cache so that the track is analyzed.

  1. Upcoming streaming partners:
  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud, the world’s largest open audio platform, will be a part of this new integration. With standalone streaming via the Prime Series, SoundCloud users can now instantly stream and mix SoundCloud’s massive catalog of more than 200 million tracks from over 20 million creators using a SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription.
  • Beatport – Beatport’s new LINK technology will support standalone streaming with the Prime Series hardware. LINK, an innovative streaming service built for DJs, is the first of its kind to include an offline storage mode for public performance. Beatport’s hugely popular and club-ready digital content, along with expertly curated playlists will give Prime DJs access to an unprecedented electronic music library.
  • Beatsource - Beatport and world-leading promo pool, DJcity, recently joined forces to launch the hip-hop and open format specialist DJ platform Beatsource. This new platform will provide access to a broad catalogue of music, genre-specific discovery, intuitive playlisting, and expert curation, all accessible for performance over wireless and wired connection as well as standalone streaming in the Denon DJ Prime Series products via Beatsource LINK.
  • TIDAL – With access to over 60 million songs, standalone streaming with the TIDAL platform brings DJs a huge variety of music to please any crowd, dancefloor or event. DJs can easily access their personal TIDAL playlists and follow the platform’s own expertly curated selections too. With so many tracks and exclusive content across a massive variety of music styles, DJs can be prepared for any request at every conceivable gig – and all standalone within the Prime Series hardware.
  1. Through the unique locker technology, both Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK will have offline storage
  • Beatport Link Pro will cost $TBC per month and allow you to take 50 tracks offline
  • Beatport Link Pro+ will cost $TBC per month and allow you to take 100 tracks offline



Thank you for the reply

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What about YouTube Premium…?

Hello !! What about Spotify ? Is this platform going to be avaiable for DJ Prime someday ?

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There’s three other streaming services already mention on top of Tidal but not connectable to yet…

The ones mentioned by denon seem to have high quality options/variations for tracks, which will sound better on big sound systems. I don’t think Spotify offer a service level above ordinary quality. I don’t think they use all original artists for some of their tracks, which put me off even using it for home use

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I just thought I’d add that while Spotify may not offer quite as high quality audio as Tidal, I don’t think it matters. A lot of experts agree that there’s a difference, but not to the average listener. I’ve been using Spotify through Algoriddim for years and it’s worked great. Spotify also has far superior playlist organization, which is a big plus for me. No folders in Tidal is absolutely killing me.

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And that’s exactly the single most important thing to remember

We can spend so much time and money on dmx lights, clever automatic light shows, a laptop to run the light show software, and it means zilch to everyone. The average dancer wouldn’t know dmx from a few isolated lights each with their own sound to light built in programs

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Preach! It’s the truth. Not that we all shouldn’t always work hard to get better and do better, but I see too many DJs around here (and I mean in my part of the world not on this forum!) spending too much money and time trying to cover up the fact that they aren’t very good DJs or heck even really DJs at all!

They’re spending too much time worrying about the wrong stuff.

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