Streaming for online radio

Hi can I use prime 4 to still steam for online radio? I assume I would just use an usb From the prime 4 to my laptop (which has the settings ie port and up address etc) I currently use my 6000mk2 and my Apple Mac to do this. Before I consider buying the prime 4 wanted to check I could still broadcast Thanks

Hi @bessyboo, welcome to the forum!

To my knowledge Prime 4 does not show as an audio interface using the USB port in standalone mode, yet.

In computer mode you could use Serato to do this, I think.

Hi I use virtual DJ to broadcast (settings for broadcast) so can assume I can connect prime 4 to a laptop?


If nothing else works through usb or data, you can always run a phono audio out from the prime 4 into a single audio channel on your 8000, which already works for home streaming